Learning Happens Through Conversations: 5 Leadership Lessons For Masterful Living


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★This AMAZING and IMPACTFUL story was penned in 7 DAYS!

When I started teaching leadership I thought learning was directly tied to me impressing people, and them listening to me lecture and disseminate good” information. I soon found out that just handing out good” information for them to process on their own wasn’t producing the impact I desired.

★What I learned as I grew was real change in people, and the internal self-reflection I was hoping to impart, happened specifically when they were guided through the process of thinking, and shown the benefits of applying the knowledge to their life. It was in meaningful and purposeful conversations that shifting and real growth occurred.

① Unconsciously, we try to protect ourselves from offense when we feel we are not in a safe place to have open and honest conversations.

② We often speak to prove, or defend our beliefs and ideas.

③ We often listen so we can combat anything others may say about us.

♥I’ve discovered it’s only when we feel like we can speak, and listen, without having to validate or defend ourselves that we become open to the possibility of the transformational magic that is waiting for us on other side of the conversation.

  • This book shows you what is possible when you can be patient as a teacher or a leader, and open as a student or a learner.
  • Whether you see yourself as the master or sensei, or as the pupil or apprentice, you will be able to glean something from the pages of this book.
  • Come witness what transformational magic on the other side of the conversation looks like, as I seek advice from someone I feel is ahead of me in the game of life.
  • Inside this book you get to sit in the room and witness the two-hour conversation where I obtained 5 lessons for masterful living that forever impacted and shifted my life.

                                                              ★Who Knows? It may do the same for you.★

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