Mind Over Moment: Harness the Power of Resilience


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Have you ever felt like you are surviving each day, barely hanging on until weekends, doing your best to keep commitments yet often feeling like you’re falling short? We are busier than we have ever been, frantically juggling personal and professional responsibilities, trying to keep up with endless demands on our time, energy, and attention, and it is taking a toll on our physical and mental health. It is time to take back control. Mind Over Moment is a science-based approach that allows you to become aware of your habits, beliefs, and behaviors to determine whether they are supporting the life you want or sabotaging it. Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and two-time TEDx speaker Anne Grady provides an arsenal full of practical tools and actionable strategies to help you break out of reactivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and create a life of purpose on purpose.With humor, wit, and raw vulnerability, Anne shares how she has put these principles into practice in her own life to survive the daily trauma of raising a child with severe special needs. In Mind Over Moment, she shows you how to do the same, challenging you to get out of your comfort zone, crush self-limiting beliefs, and break through barriers keeping you stuck to create the life you truly deserve.Life is a collection of moments. Make them count.